Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage flower braceletupcycled jewelry, white flowerupcycled jewelry, upcycled broach



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this white floweris white flowera white flowerrecyled white flowerflower white flowerbroach white flowerthat white flowerI white flowermade white flowerinto white flowera white flowerbracelet.\r\r white flowerFits white flowerwrist white flowerup white flowerto white flower7.5 white flowerinches. white flower\r\r white flowerThis white flowerbroach white flowerwas white flowertoo white flowerpretty white flowerto white flowerkeep white flowerin white flowera white flowerdrawer white flowerso white flowerthe white flowernext white floweridea white flowerwas white flowerto white flowermake white flowera white flowerbracelet white flowerthat white flowercould white flowerbe white flowerworn white flowerwith white floweranything. white flower\r\r white flowerI white flowerwill white flowership white flowerin white flowera white flowerbox white flowerfor white floweryou.

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