Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

copper jewelry, Stick Agate Wire Wrapped Pendant



In stock



This copper jewelrywire copper jewelrywrapped copper jewelryPendant copper jewelryhas copper jewelrybeen copper jewelrycreated copper jewelrywith copper jewelryCopper copper jewelrywire copper jewelryand copper jewelryfeatures copper jewelrya copper jewelrysumptuous copper jewelryStick copper jewelryAgate copper jewelryteardrop copper jewelryfocal copper jewelrystone, copper jewelrywith copper jewelryfive copper jewelrysmall copper jewelrydecorative copper jewelrycopper copper jewelrybeads copper jewelryat copper jewelrythe copper jewelrybase copper jewelryof copper jewelrythe copper jewelrybail.The copper jewelryCopper copper jewelrywire copper jewelryused copper jewelryto copper jewelrycreate copper jewelrythis copper jewelrypiece copper jewelryhas copper jewelrybeen copper jewelryantiqued copper jewelryand copper jewelrypolished copper jewelryto copper jewelrycreate copper jewelrya copper jewelrybeautifully copper jewelryrich, copper jewelryaged copper jewelryappearence. copper jewelryExcess copper jewelryoxidisaiton copper jewelrythat copper jewelryoccurs copper jewelrynaturally copper jewelryover copper jewelrytime copper jewelrycan copper jewelrybe copper jewelrycleaned copper jewelryaway copper jewelrywith copper jewelrya copper jewelrypolishing copper jewelrycloth copper jewelry- copper jewelryprovided copper jewelrywith copper jewelryyour copper jewelrypurchase.The copper jewelrypendant copper jewelrymeasures copper jewelryapproximately copper jewelry50mm(h) copper jewelryx copper jewelry23mm(w) copper jewelry/ copper jewelry5cm(h) copper jewelryx copper jewelry2.3cm(w), copper jewelryand copper jewelrycomes copper jewelrywith copper jewelrya copper jewelryfree copper jewelryCopper copper jewelryBall copper jewelryChain copper jewelryat copper jewelryany copper jewelrydesired copper jewelrylength copper jewelrybetween copper jewelry16 copper jewelryinches copper jewelryand copper jewelry30 copper jewelryinches. copper jewelryPlease copper jewelryselect copper jewelrythe copper jewelrylength copper jewelrydesired copper jewelryfrom copper jewelrythe copper jewelrydrop copper jewelrydown copper jewelrymenu copper jewelryas copper jewelryyou copper jewelryadd copper jewelrythe copper jewelryitem copper jewelryto copper jewelryyour copper jewelrybasket.

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