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connector, Chunky Victorian Brass French Swirling Dog Clip Clasp For Long Guard Chain or Watch Albert Chain



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Chunky claspVictorian claspbrass claspswirling claspdog claspclip claspclasp claspfor clasplong claspguard claspchain claspor claspfor clasppocket claspwatch claspAlbert claspchain, claspor claspto claspmix claspcharms.This claspdog claspclip claspmeasures clasp32.26 claspmm claspX clasp9.08 claspmm claspIt claspcloses claspwell. claspIt claspis claspin claspexcellent claspantique claspcondition. clasp claspPlease claspnote claspthat claspsome claspStates claspof claspUSA clasphave claspapproximately clasp10 clasp% claspof claspgovernmental clasptaxes, claspand claspAustralia clasptoo.They claspare claspnot claspincluded claspin claspmy claspprice, claspEtsy claspcollects claspthem claspfor claspthe claspgovernment, claspso claspyou clasphave claspto claspthink claspabout claspit claspbefore claspbuying. claspFeel claspfree claspto claspask claspme claspfor claspany claspquestions claspyou claspmay clasphave.I clasptry claspto claspmake claspthe claspbest claspprice claspso claspthat claspyou claspare claspnot claspaffected claspby claspthis clasptax.

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