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24 KT Gold Vermeil Hamsa Amulet Necklace



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\u00a024 KT Gold Vermeil\u00a0Hamsa Amulet Pendant Necklace\u00a0HAMSA AMULET SYMBOLIZES: Protection from Evil and Negative EnergyMEANING:Hamsa originates in ancient Middle East and transcends throughout many cultures in history as the ultimate amulet for Protection from the Evil Eye.A Handmade Filigree 24 KT Gold Vermeil Hamsa.\u00a0\u00a0MAKE IT YOUR OWN\u00a0Why not add a Faceted Gold Vermeil Chakra Gemstone Pendant from our Chakra Gemstone Collection to make it your own .Choose from: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Green Onyx, Citrine, Carnelian or Indian Ruby.DIMS.: 17 INCH Gold Vermeil on Sterling Silver ChainHamsa Pendant : 22 mm x 14 mmChakra Gemstone Pendants : 12 x 12 mm\u00a0\u00a0THE COLLECTIONThe Spiritually Connected Collection is a range of hand made 24 KT Gold Vermeil amulet charms tuning into the vibrations of spiritual symbols as a amulets for personal protection and spiritual guidance. Everyday casual interchangeable amulet necklaces for balance and bliss.\u00a0\u00a0\u00a0\u00a0\u00a0

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