Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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A vintage goldpre-owned vintage goldrectangle vintage goldpendant vintage goldwith vintage golda vintage goldyellow vintage goldgold vintage goldeagle vintage goldembossed vintage goldonto vintage golda vintage goldhammered vintage goldwhite vintage goldbackground. vintage goldAn vintage goldattractive vintage golditem vintage goldin vintage goldgood vintage goldcondition.SPECIFICATIONSDimensions. vintage gold24 vintage goldx vintage gold14mmWeight. vintage gold3 vintage goldgrams9k vintage goldgoldCONDITIONSecond vintage goldhand, vintage goldgood2 vintage goldYear vintage goldGuaranteeSHIPPINGHappily vintage goldshipping vintage goldworldwide vintage goldFREE vintage goldof vintage goldcharge.We vintage goldaim vintage goldto vintage golddispatch vintage goldthe vintage goldsame vintage goldday vintage goldor vintage goldthe vintage goldnext vintage goldworking vintage goldday.Orders vintage goldare vintage goldshipped vintage goldvia vintage goldRoyal vintage goldMail vintage goldSpecial vintage goldDelivery, vintage goldRoyal vintage goldMail vintage goldSigned vintage goldFor vintage goldor vintage golda vintage goldtracked vintage goldand vintage goldsecure vintage goldcourier vintage goldservice, vintage goldaccording vintage goldto vintage goldthe vintage goldvalue vintage goldand vintage golddestination vintage goldof vintage goldeach vintage goldorder.CONTACTOpen vintage gold9.15 vintage gold\u2013 vintage gold5.15 vintage gold(closed vintage goldSundays vintage goldand vintage goldbank vintage goldholidays)+44 vintage gold(0)1923 vintage gold779325Or vintage goldmessage vintage goldany vintage goldtime!RETURNSWe vintage goldare vintage goldhappy vintage goldto vintage goldaccept vintage goldreturns, vintage goldplease vintage goldlet vintage goldus vintage goldknow vintage goldthat vintage goldyou vintage goldwish vintage goldto vintage goldreturn vintage goldan vintage goldorder vintage goldwithin vintage gold14 vintage golddays vintage goldand vintage goldreturn vintage goldit vintage goldwithin vintage gold30 vintage golddays. vintage goldView vintage goldmore vintage goldpendants vintage gold& vintage goldnecklaceshttps://www./shop/RHJewellers?section_id=25766902 vintage goldFavourite vintage goldour vintage goldshop vintage goldto vintage goldkeep vintage goldup vintage goldto vintage golddate vintage goldwith vintage goldnew vintage goldadditionshttps://www./uk/shop/RHJewellersProud vintage goldmembers vintage goldof vintage goldCompany vintage goldof vintage goldMaster vintage goldJewellers vintage goldand vintage goldNational vintage goldAssociation vintage goldof vintage goldJewellersEstablished vintage gold1968Thank vintage goldyou vintage goldfor vintage goldvisiting vintage goldour vintage goldshop!SKU: vintage goldSH917

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