Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pink ruby, Fine hand-cutting octagon pink bixbite diffusion Loose Gem



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=== rubyHAND rubyCUT rubyAvailable ruby1 rubyitem ruby/ rubysize ruby===ITEM rubyDESCRIPTIONSProduct rubyName: rubyBixbiteSize: ruby4.00 rubycarat ruby9.4 rubyx ruby7.7 rubyx ruby5.0 rubymm.Size: ruby4.50 rubycarat ruby9.4 rubyx ruby8.3 rubyx ruby5.5 rubymm.Size: ruby4.60 rubycarat ruby9.5 rubyx ruby8.0 rubyx ruby6.0 rubymm.Size: ruby4.50 rubycarat ruby10.9 rubyx ruby8.6 rubyx ruby5.0 rubymm.Shape:\tPear ruby- rubyFacet rubyCutColor:\tVivid rubyPinkClarity:\tTransparentTreatment. rubyCorundum rubylab ruby- rubyDiffusion*** rubyCLARITY rubyCHART ruby***+ rubyIF ruby- rubyClean ruby- rubyVery rubyhigh rubyquality ruby& rubyfree rubyfrom rubyinclusions.+ rubyVVS ruby- rubyEye rubyClean ruby- rubyHigh rubyquality rubywith rubyvery rubyslight rubyinclusions.+ rubyVSI ruby- rubyVery rubySlight rubyInclusions ruby- rubyGood rubyquality rubywith rubyslight rubyinclusions rubyvisible rubyto rubythe rubynaked rubyeye.+ rubySI ruby- rubySlight rubyInclusions ruby- rubyInclusions rubybecoming rubymore rubyprominent rubyto rubythe rubyeye.+ rubyI ruby- rubyInclusions- rubyMany rubyinclusions.

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