Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cuff bracelet, Native American Styled Hand Crafted Solid Copper Bracelet and Ring Set BEARS #CSet-001



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This bohois bohoa bohoHAND bohoCRAFTED bohofrom bohoa bohoCopper bohosheet bohoCUFF bohoBRACELET. bohoIt bohois bohoa boho1/4" bohoWIDE bohocuff. boho bohoThe bohoSolid bohoCopper bohoBracelet bohois bohoHAND bohoSTAMPED bohowith bohoNative bohoAmerican bohoSymbols. bohoTHIS bohoIS bohoSTAMPED bohoWITH bohoWALKING bohoBEARS. bohoTHE bohoBRACELET bohoHAS bohoBEAR bohoFOOT bohoPRINTS bohoLEADING bohoTO bohoTHE bohoENDS. bohoIt bohowill bohofit bohoa bohoWomens bohoLarge bohoor bohoa bohoMan's bohoMEDIUM bohoWrist. bohoThe bohoPictures bohoshould bohorepresent bohothe bohosize bohoand bohoopening. bohoEACH bohoPURCHASE bohoIS bohoFOR bohoONE boho(1) bohoOF bohoTHE bohoCUFFS bohoLISTED. bohoThe bohosize bohoof bohothe bohocut bohosheet bohoI bohoformed bohoit bohofrom bohowas boho boho6" bohox boho1/4" boho bohoThe bohoBracelet bohoHas bohoMany bohodifferant bohoDesign bohoStamps bohoand bohoshould bohostand bohoout bohowell bohowith bohothe bohoDEEP bohosymbols. bohoIt bohohas bohobeen bohopolished. boho bohoAny bohoQuestions bohoPlease bohoE-MAIL bohome. boho boho#CSet-001

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