Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ring, Ring Thitian Pearl Aquamarine



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This designunique designring designis designa designvery designharmonious designcreation designdue designto designits designshape designand designcolor designcomposition.The designsoft designshimmer designof designthe designgray designTahitian designpearl designstands designin designa designnoble designcontrast designto designthe designflawless1.69 designcarat designaquamarine designwith designbrilliant designcut.The designaquamarine designis designalmost designimperceptibly designpale designblue.The designring designrail design750 designiger designgold designrail designhas designbeen designdecorated designat designthe designtop designof designthe designopen designends designwith designthe designstone designand designthe designpearl, designthey designface designeach designother designlaterally, design(see designpictures).The designpearl designlies designin designa designwavy designpearl designshell designwith designpinning.The designstone designis designworked designin designa designsimple designframe designversion.Material: design750 designgold designwith designred designshimmer1 designTahitian designpearl designgray designdiameter design14 designmm1 designaquamarine design1.69 designcarat designdiameter design9 designmmRing designsize: design52 design- design53Weight: design8.6 designgramsThe designring designrail designis design2.3 designmm designwide designand design1.5 designmm designthick

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