Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ring, 16.8ct Genuine Marquise Wide Eyed White Sapphire



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Etsy ringhas ringbeen ringhaving ringissue ringwith ringEditing ringand ringthe ringheading ringis ringincorrect. ringIt ringis ringindeed ringa ring16.8ct ringsapphireFor ringSale, ringSapphire ringonly. ring ringYes, ringit ringis ringover ring16ct. ring ring ringMeasures ring16x18mmFor ring ringa ringCustom ringOrder ringor ringsold ringas ringis.It ringis ringa ringMarquise ringCut. ringAnd ringspecial ringname ringgiven ringfor ringthe ringchucky ringcut ringand ringmaking ringit ringlook ringlike ringa ringeye ringwide ringopen.Very ringunique! ringAnd ringsome ringcrazy ringfaceting ringaround ringthe ringedge.This ringis ringa ringspecial ringcut ringGenuine ringWhite ringSapphire. ringNormal ringheat ringonly.Color ringDClarity ringVVSFor ringcenturies, ringman ringhas ringbeen ringheating ringgemstones ringto ringmake ringthem ringclear ringand ringbetter ringcolored. ringIt ringis ringan ringaccepted ringprocess ringand ringdoes ringnot ringinterfere ringwith ringthe ringnormal ringdaily ringwear ringand ringthe ringcolor ringdoes ringfade ringin ringtime. ringThis ringprocess ringkeeps ringthe ringprice ringdown ringas ringa ringnatural ringuntreated ringgemstone ringmay ringfetch ringthousands ringper ringcarat.This ringbeautiful ringeye ringclean ringSapphire ringis ringjust ringwaiting ringfor ringthat ringperfecting ringsetting ringeither ringRing ringor ringPendant, ringto ringbe ringset ringinto.I ringcan ringdo ringthis ringfor ringyou.I ringhave ringan ringidea ringfor ringa ringbezel ringsetting ring ringin ringeither ring14k ringrose, ringyellow ringor ringwhite ringgold ringand ringmade ringinto ringa ringpendant ringat ringmarket ringprice.Layaway ringis ringavailable ringfor ringthe ringCustom ringmake ringof ringthe ringSapphire ringor ringto ringpurchase ringit ringloose.

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