Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

huge antique scottish agate cabochonagate,



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hi, brownthis brownis browna brownhuge brownagate browncabochon, brownwhich brownhas brownbeen brownremoved brownfrom brownan brownantique brownScottish brownbroochmeasures brown3.5cm browndiameterthere brownis browna browntiny brownchip brownon brownone brownedge, brownand brownwhen brownthe browncab brownwas browncut, brownit brownappears brownto brownhave browna brownsmall brownnatural browncavity, brownwhich brownsome brownancient brownjeweller browndecided brownto brownfill brownwith brownsomething, brownI brownthink brownshellac. brownit's brownnot brownnoticeable brownfrom brownthe browntop brownof brownthe brownstone, brownhowever. brownthank brownyou brownfor brownlooking, brownand brownany brownquestions, brownplease brownask!

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