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silver charm, Vintage Sterling Silver Forth Road Bridge Scotland Charm



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Vintage charmsterling charmsilver charmcharm charmdepicting charmthe charmForth charmRoad charmBridge, charmScotland.From charmWikipedia: charm charm"The charmForth charmRoad charmBridge charmis charma charmsuspension charmbridge charmin charmeast charmcentral charmScotland. charmThe charmbridge charmopened charmin charm1964 charmand charmat charmthe charmtime charmwas charmthe charmlargest charmsuspension charmbridge charmin charmthe charmworld charmoutside charmof charmthe charmUS.[4] charmThe charmbridge charmspans charmthe charmFirth charmof charmForth, charmconnecting charmEdinburgh, charmat charmQueensferry, charmto charmFife, charmat charmNorth charmQueensferry. charmIt charmreplaced charma charmcenturies-old charmferry charmservice charmto charmcarry charmvehicular charmtraffic, charmcyclists charmand charmpedestrians charmacross charmthe charmForth; charmrailway charmcrossings charmare charmmade charmby charmthe charmadjacent charmForth charmBridge, charmopened charmin charm1890".Charm charmmeasures charmjust charmover charmone charminch charmin charmlength charmand charmweighs charm3.60 charmgrams.Probably charmdates charmfrom charmthe charmlate charm1960s charmor charm70s.Shipped charmby charmregular charmmail charm(no charmtracking charmor charminsurance).Upgrade charmshipping charmwith charmtracking charmnumber charm$13.45US.

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