Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, 2.75tcw 2 Genuine White Sapphire Pendant



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This 5mmis 5mma 5mmgenuine 5mmWhite 5mmSapphire.5mm 5mm= 5mm.50ct8mm= 5mm.2.25ctOrigin: 5mmSri 5mmLanka 5mm( 5mmCeylon)Set 5mmin 5mmSterling 5mmSilver 5mmmakes 5mmthis 5mmlovely 5mmpendant 5mmaffordable.This 5mmpendant 5mmcan 5mmalso 5mmbe 5mmplaced 5mmin 5mm14k 5mmyellow, 5mmrose 5mmor 5mmwhite 5mmgold.Layaway 5mmavailable.This 5mmis 5mmhow 5mmit 5mmworks.You 5mmpick 5mmout 5mmwhat 5mmyou 5mmwant 5mmto 5mmput 5mmon 5mmlayaway 5mmand 5mmput 5mmdown 5mma 5mmsmall 5mmdeposit 5mmto 5mmhold 5mmthe 5mmpiece 5mmand 5mmthen 5mmit 5mmis 5mmup 5mmto 5mmyou 5mmto 5mmmake 5mmpayments 5mmanytime 5mmyou 5mmchoose 5mmfit. 5mmIn 5mmother 5mmwords 5mmyou 5mmmake 5mmthe 5mmterms.If 5mmyou 5mmneed 5mmto 5mmcontact 5mmme 5mmyou 5mmcan 5mmdo 5mmso 5mmhere 5mmon 5mmetsy 5mmor 5mmemail 5mmat [email protected] 5mmor 5mmby 5mmphone 5mmor 5mmtext 5mmat 5mm425-281-6549.I 5mmdo 5mmunderstand 5mmit 5mmis 5mmhard 5mmat 5mmtimes 5mmto 5mmshop 5mmonline 5mmand 5mmI 5mmtry 5mmto 5mmmake 5mmit 5mmas 5mmeasy 5mmas 5mmpossible.I 5mmhope 5mmto 5mmhear 5mmfrom 5mmyou 5mmsoon, 5mmCandy

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