Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sodalite, Natural Sodalite Heart Shape Beads / 8 inches / Sodalite Faceted heart shape 5 mm approx



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Natural heartSodalite heartheart heartShape heartBeads heartSIZE heart:-5 heartmm heart(app) heartLENGTH heart:- heart8 heartinch heart(app)PRICE heartPER heartSTRINGWeight: heart7 heartgrams\\I hearthave heartmade heartevery heartattempt heartto heartportray heartthe heartcolors heartof heartthe heartbeads heartas heartaccurately heartas heartpossible. heartAll heartphotographs heartare hearttaken heartin heartminimal heartlighting heartand hearton hearta heartblack heartbackground. heartColors heartdo heartvary hearton heartwhite heartbackground heartor heartin heartsunlight heart; heartplease heartkeep heartthis heartin heartmind heartwhen heartviewing heartthe heartbeads, heartgemstones heartor heartsupplies. heartAlso heartall heartpictures hearthave heartbeen heartmagnified heartto heartshow heartdetails. heartQuestions/ heartComments heartare heartmost heartwelcome.If heartyou hearthaven\u2019t heartseen heartexactly heartwhat heartyou heartwant heartin heartour heartshop, heartwe heartcan hearthelp heartyou heartfind heartthe heartright heartgemstone, heartas heartwe heartcarry hearta heartlarge heartinventory heartof heartgemstones heartof heartwhich heartonly hearta heartsmall heartsample heartis heartlisted hearthere hearton heartEtsy. heartPlease heartinquire

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