Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

green, Natural cats eye oval Shape Beads / 6X4 MM / 8 inches / cats eye Faceted oval shape



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Natural greencats greeneye green green greenOval greenShape greenBeads greenSIZE green:- green green6X4mm green(app) greenLENGTH green:- green8 greeninch green(app)PRICE greenPER greenSTRINGWeight: green7 greengramsI greenhave greenmade greenevery greenattempt greento greenportray greenthe greencolors greenof greenthe greenbeads greenas greenaccurately greenas greenpossible. greenAll greenphotographs greenare greentaken greenin greenminimal greenlighting greenand greenon greena greenblack greenbackground. greenColors greendo greenvary greenon greenwhite greenbackground greenor greenin greensunlight green; greenplease greenkeep greenthis greenin greenmind greenwhen greenviewing greenthe greenbeads, greengemstones greenor greensupplies. greenAlso greenall greenpictures greenhave greenbeen greenmagnified greento greenshow greendetails. greenQuestions/ greenComments greenare greenmost greenwelcome.If greenyou greenhaven\u2019t greenseen greenexactly greenwhat greenyou greenwant greenin greenour greenshop, greenwe greencan greenhelp greenyou greenfind greenthe greenright greengemstone, greenas greenwe greencarry greena greenlarge greeninventory greenof greengemstones greenof greenwhich greenonly greena greensmall greensample greenis greenlisted greenhere greenon greenEtsy. greenPlease greeninquire

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