Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

e, GIA Certified .88 Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Loose Custom Engagement Wedding



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This ringgorgeous ringround ringdiamond ringis ring.88 ringcarats, ringwith ringa ringslightly ringincluded ringgrade ringand ringan ringE ringin ringcolor ringit ringmakes ringa ringperfect ringdiamond ringfor ringa ringcustom ringengagement ringring ringor ringpendant! ringThis ringstone ringcomes ringwith ringa ringGemological ringInsitute ringof ringAmerica ringDiamond ringDossier ringCertificate ringthat ringincludes ringall ringthe ringinformation ringyou ringneed.Diamond: ring.88 ringCTW, ringS1, ringEGIA ringCertificate ringIncluded*Diamond ringpictures ringare ringat ring10X ringmagnification ringto ringallow ringyou ringto ringsee ringall ringfacets ringof ringstone. ring**The ringphoto ringshowing ringdiamond ringon ringhand ringis ringa ringjeweler ringmounting, ringthis ringdiamond ringis ringa ringloose ringstone ringavailable ringfor ringthe ringmounting ringof ringyour ringchoice. ringSKU: ringD1097For ringa ringgreater ringselection ringof ringjewelry ringplease ringvisit ringour ringwebsite ringat ringwww.BlackMarketLLC.comIf ringyou ringhave ringany ringquestions ringabout ringthis ringproduct ringor ringif ringwe ringcan ringhelp ringyou ringwith ringany ringof ringour ringother ringproducts ringplease ringcontact ringus ringthrough ringEtsy ringor ringour ringwebsite ringat ringwww.BlackMarketLLC.comEach ringpiece ringof ringour ringjewelry ringhas ringbeen ringidentified ringby ringour ringGraduate ringGemologist ringcertified ringby ringthe ringGemological ringInstitute ringof ringAmerica ring(GIA). ringFor ringmore ringinformation ringabout ringour ringjewelry ringor ringstore ringplease ringvisit ringour ringShop's ringAbout ringPage ringor ringour ringShops ringWebsite.Thanks ringfor ringstopping ringby!

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