Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

white, Natural White Topaz Pear Shape Briolette Beads / 3x5 mm / 8 inches / Faceted Pear White Topaz



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White whiteTopaz whitePear whiteShape white whiteBriolette whiteBeads whiteSIZE white:- white3x5mm white(app) whiteLENGTH white:- white8 whiteinch white(app)PRICE whitePER whiteSTRINGWeight: white7 whitegrams\\I whitehave whitemade whiteevery whiteattempt whiteto whiteportray whitethe whitecolors whiteof whitethe whitebeads whiteas whiteaccurately whiteas whitepossible. whiteAll whitephotographs whiteare whitetaken whitein whiteminimal whitelighting whiteand whiteon whitea whiteblack whitebackground. whiteColors whitedo whitevary whiteon whitewhite whitebackground whiteor whitein whitesunlight white; whiteplease whitekeep whitethis whitein whitemind whitewhen whiteviewing whitethe whitebeads, whitegemstones whiteor whitesupplies. whiteAlso whiteall whitepictures whitehave whitebeen whitemagnified whiteto whiteshow whitedetails. whiteQuestions/ whiteComments whiteare whitemost whitewelcome.If whiteyou whitehaven\u2019t whiteseen whiteexactly whitewhat whiteyou whitewant whitein whiteour whiteshop, whitewe whitecan whitehelp whiteyou whitefind whitethe whiteright whitegemstone, whiteas whitewe whitecarry whitea whitelarge whiteinventory whiteof whitegemstones whiteof whitewhich whiteonly whitea whitesmall whitesample whiteis whitelisted whitehere whiteon whiteEtsy. whitePlease whiteinquire

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