Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

buckle, Dolphin Buckle 1 1/4"



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This vendel periodis vendel perioda vendel periodreproduction vendel periodof vendel periodan vendel periodearly vendel periodViking vendel periodAge vendel periodbuckle vendel periodfrom vendel periodGotland vendel periodSweden. vendel periodBaltic vendel periodwhite vendel periodsided vendel perioddolphins vendel periodare vendel periodthe vendel periodlikely vendel periodinspiration vendel periodfor vendel periodthese vendel periodbuckles. vendel periodPlayful, vendel periodcurious vendel periodand vendel periodfriendly, vendel periodthey vendel periodaccompanied vendel periodships vendel periodas vendel periodthe vendel periodsailed vendel periodthe vendel periodBaltic vendel periodSea.Animal vendel periodthemes vendel periodwere vendel periodincorporated vendel periodinto vendel periodScandinavian vendel periodare vendel periodespecially vendel periodduring vendel periodthe vendel periodVendel vendel periodPeriod, vendel period450-800 vendel periodAD. vendel periodMore vendel periodabstract vendel periodand vendel periodstylized vendel periodanimal vendel perioddesigns vendel periodwere vendel periodincorporated vendel periodinto vendel periodlater vendel periodFrankish vendel periodand vendel periodScandinavian vendel periodart vendel periodstyles. vendel periodSize: vendel period2 vendel period1/8" vendel periodx vendel period2 vendel period1/8" vendel periodor vendel period55 vendel periodmm vendel periodx vendel period55 vendel periodmm

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