Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tiny, Multi Colour Mix Stones Natural micro Faceted Beads rondelle 2.0mm to 2.50mm Sold per 13-inch strand AAA Quality



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Item multidetailThese multibeads multishows multistones multiproperties multiat multiits multibest,the multicolor multiis multiunique multithese multiare multiavailable multiin multisizes.2.5 multito multi3 multimmPrice multiis multibeen multivaried multiaccordinglyLength multiof multistrand-13 multiinchShape-faceted multirondelleTreatment-none(100% multinatural)The multimulti multistones multi multiare multibeen multicompetitively multiprices,we multihave multia multilarge multistock.Contact multius multifor multiwholesale multibuying.

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