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metal, Mixed Metal Cuff Bracelet -Sterling Silver and Copper Wire



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Created cuff braceletfrom cuff braceleta cuff bracelettwisted cuff braceletrope cuff braceletof cuff braceletsterling cuff braceletsilver cuff braceletand cuff braceletcopper cuff braceletwire cuff braceletthat cuff braceletwas cuff braceletsoldered cuff bracelettogether, cuff braceletthis cuff braceletcuff cuff braceletstyle cuff braceletbracelet cuff braceletshows cuff bracelethow cuff braceletwell cuff braceletcopper cuff braceletand cuff braceletsilver cuff braceletcomplement cuff braceleteach cuff braceletother. cuff braceletThe cuff braceletbracelet cuff bracelethas cuff braceleta cuff bracelet5.5 cuff braceletinches cuff bracelet(13.5cm)inside cuff braceletdistance cuff braceletfrom cuff braceletend cuff braceletto cuff braceletend, cuff braceletand cuff braceleta cuff braceletthickness cuff braceletof cuff bracelet0.25 cuff braceletinch cuff bracelet(5mm).

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