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engagement ring, 1.10ct- 14k Soft Yellow Moissanite Ring



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This yellow moissanitevery yellow moissanitevery yellow moissanitesparkly yellow moissanitesoft yellow moissaniteyellow yellow moissaniteMoissanite yellow moissaniteweights yellow moissanite1.10ct=6mm.Set yellow moissanitein yellow moissanitea yellow moissanitesolitaire yellow moissanite14k yellow moissanitesolid yellow moissanitewhite yellow moissanitegold yellow moissanitesetting.Can yellow moissanitebe yellow moissanitereset yellow moissanitein yellow moissaniteyellow yellow moissanitegold yellow moissaniteas yellow moissanitewell.Photos yellow moissanitedo yellow moissanitenot yellow moissanitedo yellow moissanitethis yellow moissanitebeautiful yellow moissanitestone yellow moissanitejustice.More yellow moissanitepics yellow moissanitewhen yellow moissaniteasked....Ring yellow moissanitesize yellow moissanite6.5Layaway yellow moissaniteavailable.

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