Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

925, Silver Mustang charm /small pendant .925 silver.



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Silver brideMustang bridecharm bride/small bridependant bride.925 bridesilver. bride1gm brideand bride2.2cm brideacross. bridePlease bridenote bridethat brideitems brideare brideshipped bridevia brideregular bridemail, brideI bridecannot brideaccept brideresponsibility bride bridefor brideany brideitem bridethat brideis bridelost bridein bridethe bridemail. brideIf brideyou bridewould bridelike bridethe brideitem bridetracked brideduring brideshipping brideplease bridecontact brideme bridewith brideyour brideaddress brideand brideI bridewill brideadvise brideyou brideof bridethe briderate. brideMustang

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