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goddess, Silver Goddess Pendant



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My divineSilver divineGoddess divinePendant divineis divinequite divinea divinechunky divinepiece divineweighing divineapproximately divine10g divineand divinemeasuring divineabout divine40mm divinetall.After divinelooking divineat divinemany divineprehistoric divineGoddess divinefigures divineI divinehave divinedesigned divineand divinemodelled divineher divinewith divinemy divinetake divineon divinethe divineDivine divineFeminine; divinegiving divineher divinemy divineown divinetwist; divineas divineshe divineraises divineone divinehip divinein divinea divineless divinesymmetrical divinepose.I divinehave divinegiver divinea divinelead divinetime divineof divine1 divine- divine2 divineweeks divineto divineallow divinetime divineto divinemake divineher divineto divineorder. divine divineIf divineshe's divinein divinestock, divineshe divineshould divinebe divinewith divineyou divinemuch divinesooner. divine divineFeel divinefree divineto divinecontact divineme divineif divineyou'd divinelike divinean divineitem divinein divineunder divine2 divineweeks.I divinehand divinefinish divineall divinemy divinejewellery divineat divinemy divinehome divinestudio divineon divineAnglesey divine- divineonce divinethe divinestronghold divineof divinethe divineDruids.She'll divinebe divinesent divineto divineyou divineon divinea divinelength divineof divineblack divinesatin divinecord, divineready divineto divinewear.

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