Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

flower charm, Ashley Charm: Lovely coral Lucite flower charm with golden Swarovski crystal center on antique brass ring - Add a Charm



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GUARANTEED flower charmHANDMADE: flower charmAll flower charmmy flower charmjewelry flower charmis flower charmdesigned flower charmand flower charmcreated flower charmby flower charmmy flower charmhands.Pink flower charmcoral flower charmLucite flower charmflower flower charmwith flower charmSwarovski flower charmcrystal flower charmaccent flower charmand flower charmantique flower charmbrass flower charmbead flower charmcap flower charmcharm flower charmdangles flower charmfrom flower charmclosed flower charmring. flower charmBeautiful flower charmfor flower charmspring!The flower charmname flower charmAshley flower charmis flower charmof flower charmEnglish flower charmorigin flower charmand flower charmmeans flower charm"lives flower charmin flower charman flower charmash flower charmtree flower charmgrove".Please flower charmconvo flower charmme flower charmwith flower charmany flower charmquestions!

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