Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Semi Precious Nugget Chrysoprasesparkling, Gorgeous Hawaiian Cone Shell and Puka Shellssparkling, Coralsparkling, Sterling Lobster Clasp Pendant Necklace



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Chunky oceansmooth oceannuggets oceanof oceanChrysoprase oceanare oceanstrung oceanon oceanquality oceanbead oceanwire oceanwith oceanaccents oceanof oceantiny oceanwhite oceancoral oceanbeads. oceanA oceangorgeous oceanHawaiian oceancone oceanshell oceannestled oceanbetween oceanpink oceancupolini oceancoral oceanpieces oceanand oceana oceansterling oceansilver oceanlobster oceanclasp oceanwith oceanwhite oceanpuka oceanshellsThis oceannecklace oceanis ocean21" oceanin oceanlength oceanand oceanyou oceanwill oceanfeel oceanthe oceanALOHA oceanwearing oceanthis oceanone-of-a-kind oceanisland oceantreasure

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