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mens earring, Single 14kt- .50ct White Sapphire Earring



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14k 10kt gold 10kt goldyellow 10kt goldgold 10kt goldearring 10kt goldis 10kt goldjust 10kt goldthe 10kt goldright 10kt goldsize.There 10kt goldis 10kt golda 10kt goldgenuine 10kt gold5mm 10kt goldwhite 10kt goldsapphire 10kt gold=.50ct.Color 10kt goldDClarity 10kt goldVVS/IFThis 10kt goldearring 10kt goldwill 10kt goldbe 10kt goldscrewback 10kt goldwith 10kt goldan 10kt goldupgraded 10kt goldsetting. 10kt goldNew 10kt goldphotos 10kt goldwill 10kt goldbe 10kt goldadded 10kt goldsoon.

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