Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, Wooden Bracelet Clips with gold accents CL482-489



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These goldwooden goldbracelet goldclips goldare goldhandmade goldand goldare golddesigned goldto goldhelp goldyou goldput goldyour goldbracelet goldon. goldYou goldput goldone goldend goldof goldthe goldbracelet goldin goldthe goldclip, goldplace goldthe goldclip goldin goldyour goldupturned goldhand goldwith goldthe goldbracelet goldclip goldpointing goldtowards goldyou, goldwrap goldthe goldbracelet goldaround goldyour goldwrist goldand goldclasp goldit goldto goldthe goldother goldend goldof goldthe goldbracelet goldthat goldis goldclipped goldin goldthe goldbracelet goldclip. goldI goldhave gold8 goldin goldstock, goldall goldmade goldof goldwood, goldhave goldgold goldtone goldaccents goldand goldthey goldare goldjust goldbeautiful. goldThey goldsell goldvery goldquickly goldat goldthe goldarts goldand goldcraft goldfairs goldI goldhave goldbooths goldat, goldand goldmay goldsell goldquickly goldhere goldtoo. goldThey goldwould goldmake golda goldgreat goldgift goldfor goldanyone. gold\rApprox gold7 goldinches goldlong\rInv gold#s gold482-489

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