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Freebitco.in Multiply Trick To Get Over 3000bit/hr

Freebitco.in Multiply Trick To Get Over 3000bit/hr

Freebitco.in is the revolutionary faucet in the Bitcoin world. Their all games are provable fair and every week ten lucky users get huge bitcoins where first prize can be up to 4BTC. On other hand freebitco.in has an awesome option to multiply your earnings. Though there are a big chance to lose all of your earnings, but still you can made a decent amount of bitcoin using this multiplying option. Below I describe the whole process with screenshots for your best understanding.
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Freebitco.in multiply trick begins

First of all, open multiply tab and then tap on Auto Bet.
freebitco.in multiply trick 1

Set stop profit to 0.00000040 and stop loss to 0.00000500 (I am using 0.00000200 in screenshot which can be makes you loss up to 0.00000400 multiple time quickly so keep stop loss as high as possible but not over 0.00001000). Always keep in mind that you may lose double amount of your stop loss setting, means if you set 0.00000100 as stop loss than you could loss up to 0.00000200 of your bits in a single loop of bets. But if you set stop profit low than you will lose your bitcoins often or rarely. Keep On WinReturn to base bet, this is important because if you change this to a higher number than it can be causes to lose quickly and repeatedly.
freebitco.in multiply tricks 2

Set On Lose to Increase by 100%. This will increase your base bet by 100% if you lost in a single bet. Then tap Start and wait till your profit hits the maximum amount that you set up previously.
freebitco.in multiply tricks 3

Top marked area indicates the condition of your single bets and the bottom one indicates the whole session. Keep watching bottom one and when its stop running you need to start again for another session.
freebitco.in multiply tricks 4

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By using this trick you could win 0.00000040 bits approximately in 1 min so your hourly earnings can be over 2400 bits. which is still a big hourly payout for any faucets. I suggest you to using this trick only when you have at least 0.00010000 in your balance. So you need not to worry about losing much because you can set your stop loss over 2000 to safeguard your winning.

Disclosure : Gambling can causes to lose all of your money. Be careful


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