4 Best SEO Analyzer Tools For You

December 22, 2016
4 Best SEO Analyzer Tools For You

In 2017 SEO is going to be a major fact for all websites. No matter which kind of products or services you are offering to the world, if no one see them, then there is no point to run these business. Search engines can be a good place to offer your products/services toward a big amount of customers globally, who actually wants them and are willing to buy them. All this opportunities are absolutely free and well targeted. Surely you don’t want to miss these kind of great opportunity as an online marketer or as a blogger.
There are some initial steps in SEO. We can divides them in two, One of them are “On page SEO” and the other one is the oppose of first one “Off page SEO“.
In on page SEO we need to maintain some initial and essential jobs in our site itself. There are many things are related to on page SEO, that’s why we can’t audit our site manually until we know every little aspects about On page SEO. We need to get some SEO analyzer tools to did this job for us. Basically almost all SEO analyzer tools are online basis and you just need to sign up for those tools to makes your audit report.
Thankfully there are many website SEO analyzer tools are available, today I will show you some of them and I ensure that, all of these SEO analyzer tools are quiet good and will gives you an accurate result about your site health. I manually checked them all before mention here.

The best SEO analyzer tools list for your website

Almost all of them are free to use but if you are not satisfied with free account limitations or if you have a really big website then I recommend you to purchase the premium access which won’t cost you a lot.
Here I added all the best SEO analyzer tools with their insight and program details.



That tool is something like you couldn’t complete without. In SEO service business SEMrush is one of the top service provider who is unique for their strong competitor research option. SEO is like a race for getting higher rank on individual keywords. So, beating competitors are the most important job to be done. To do this job you should know every movement of your competitors. SEMrush will show you a comprehensive report including your competitor keywords ranking and which keyword sent them most of the traffic etc.
Official website link : https://www.semrush.com


  • Domain specific keyword ranking
  • Position tracking
  • Comparison of domains by keywords
  • Crawl Audit Tool
  • Organic Research
  • Advertising Research
  • Backlinks



This online tool is just great and they offers instant, professional site audit for all.
I wrote a complete review article on seoSiteCheckup few days ago.
As a free user you are not allowed to audit your full website rather than a single page. All modern websites are theme based so many of our website pages are similar to others. If we get all errors in a page then we can fixing up other similar pages as well.
It would be better if you checkup your product/ content page rather than your sites homepage because you should fix your contents first.
Official website link : http://seositecheckup.com


  • Common page optimization checks like keyword placement, robots.txt check, sitemap check etc.
  • Page load speed checks like page loading time, compression, caching, server respons time etc.
  • Server issues and security check.
  • Mobile usability terms like responsiveness of your page, mobile device rendering errors etc.
  • Social engagement of your page
  • Semantic web tags, it will check if your page use proper schema.org tags or not.



WebCEO is the best tool I ever used. I mention it as the best, because these tool has the actual power to impress you and your clients.
WebCEO is a complete tool which will gives you the full control over your site and will make resourceful and actionable reports on your site.
Official website link : https://www.webceo.com


Unlike other tools, WebCEO has a long list of features which includes everything from keyword research to backlink analysis and from on page SEO checkups to traffic stat. I mention only some key features below, but you should sign up in WebCEO to find out their all features and make sure you use them all.

  • Keyword research
  • Backlink analysis
  • Competitors analysis
  • Site health check
  • SEO optimization



One of the main feature of SEObility.net is the power of finding pages that are way far from your homepage. Sometime its hard for crawlers to index pages which is several clicks away from homepage. These tool will help you find out those pages and bring them closer to homepage for easy indexing.
Official website link : https://www.seobility.net


  • Advanced SEO optimization
  • Backlink analysis
  • SEO compare
  • Keyword position check


I didn’t add a massive list of SEO tools here but four of them. This four SEO tools can fulfill your every needs together. If you want even larger list of SEO tools, Brian can help you, He publish a Comprehensive list of SEO tools few days ago.
Share your opinion and experience about those tools or any other tools that you got useful by putting a quick comment below.

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  • Great structured article, Eyasir! Thanks.
    Tools which I want share are our team internal instruments.
    Free on page seo checker – http://sitechecker.pro
    And as the alternative for Google Keyword Planner we create http://kparser.com
    It's also free. And it's better Keyword Planner in some functions. Simple use it one and you'll understand what I'm about.

    April 10, 2017 1:34 pm Reply
  • It obliges pages to hold essential words people are scanning for and ensure that they rank adequately high in web crawler rankings. AMP

    September 9, 2017 8:50 pm Reply

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