12 Rules To Turn Your Blog Into A Money Making Machine

October 6, 2016

Blogging is a proven way to make decent amount of money.
But there are 90% of bloggers quit after one year when their domain provider shoot them with an email that says they needs to renew their domain shortly.
Then how is this a proven way to makes money?!
Every works need a structure and rules to end up with a good result. Blogging is not about only writing a ton of articles and publishing them. Blogging is something much more than this.
I describe here 12 rules, that will makes your blog a money making machine.
Do you need to setup your blog, and don’t know how to get it done quickly? Don’t worry! Jacob wrote an article on How to start a Blog.

Here we go..

12 rules to turn your blog into a money making machine

1. Catch the right rope to reach the top

You are not a celebrity or public figure, then why should people have to remember you and your blog. Yes, no one will.
There are tons of other blogs are present in your criteria, so you have to be smart enough to standing out from the rest of your competitors.
Do some research and provide your contents in front of your readers in a different way.
If your competitors publish short posts, you needs to create in-depth or a long posts.
If everyone else are only post articles than you should use videos or infographics.
If they are using affiliate marketing to monetize their blogs, you should try email marketing.
Be different be unique.

2. Always write in-depth article

This is proven that articles with near 2000 words rank better in search engines. You can drive traffic from various source but search traffic is the best award for any blogger. With short articles you can never reach your goal, if its just your start up, than its better to post 2-3 articles in a month with 2000+ words. This will help you in your long run.

3. Along with your own blog, you needs to write for others

Two most important things in blogging world : High quality contents & Highly targeted traffic.
If you gives a lot of effort to write 30 high quality blog posts and posted all of them in your blog, you have done a great mistake. Because, your blog needs more authority to drive constant traffic and may be there are no to few traffic in all of your posts. So, write and publish your posts on other popular blogs as a guest poster. This way you will get backlinks and authority, which will help you get more traffic to your blog soon. As a fresher your first focuse should be on your blogs authority and link building strategy, don’t start creating contents blindly only for your own blog. It’s all about your ability to create contents for others.

4. Try to build your email list even before launch

Yes, this can be so profitable when you start building your email list one or two months before your launch. Knock friends, colleagues, other bloggers and your email contacts to subscribe in your list to get updates from your blog when its gonna be live.
You can simply set up a landing page which tell others when you’ll go live and give them a good reason to subscribe in your email list. You can create a video tutorial or an ebook and use them as your first marketing tool to attract people subscribing in your list.There are many email autoresponder sites are available which can help you start with your very first email list. I got mailchimp is the best for start up bloggers, as their service is totally free for subscribers up to 2k.

5. When first one is running well you shouldn’t start another

I saw many bloggers who started a new blog right after his first blog start giving him few bucks. This is terrible, because you can’t concentrate on both in a similar way and will fail to create new contents.
There are many top bloggers who made a huge income per months, they never start another blog until their first blog runs into an automation process of growing. So, focusing on one thing can makes you master on this area, and also gives you the maximum opportunity to getting profit out of it.

6. Discover the #1 monetization strategy for your blog

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Lets find out which one is the best monetization option in your field.
Try to collect all information about other blogs in your criteria and find out how they monetize their blogs.
Now its time to give all them a shot, try out all of this monetization options one by one and you’ll definitely get a result to decide which one works perfectly for you.
By my own experience never dependent on a single monetization option, because they can stopped working for you anytime. Try two or three of them to safeguard your passive earnings.

7. Fixing up your site for SEO

Even if you publish long articles regularly and also have some good authority, if your site is not optimized well for SEO, you probably fail to get search engine traffic.
SEMrush is a great tool which can provide all of your sites error and how to fix them. You can open a site audit project on your domain to know about errors. There are many other free tools are available online.

8. Focusing on building email list

Newbie bloggers does this more often, they start gathering fans on Facebook, followers on Twitter and followers on Google plus. While this is not the way to get engaged with your users. You can pass a good trust by being active on social media. But end of the day you won’t get any sales. Also Facebook and all other social sites has the right to take down your profile if you violate any of their rules. Your email list is only yours and you are the owner of this, so you have the full control on your email list.
Focus your majority of time on email list building, this can gives you passive income while social media only connect you with your readers.

9. Be the master of email outreach

If you look into a successful bloggers success story than there should be one thing that they all are start making money by their email list and they still using it to get most of their online income.
You must be smart enough to deal with your subscribers and never let them force to call an action or never brought them any kind of low quality products which have negative user experiences.
Short emails get better response. So, keep your emails short and don’t put any long paragraph in it. Basically people don’t like to read a long email.
Try to email at least one person a day, tell them about your new content or ask them how they feeling after getting your last email. Or simply sent a ‘hi’. This way you can build your trust more strong and can get useful insights about how users interact with your contents or what is their expectations.
Always write email subjects eye catchy or something which build enough interest to open it quickly.

10. Keep writing.. Keep writing..

To be a successful blogger you have to write more often even if your hands are pained to type. A good blogger is a good writer.

11. Right form of using social media, and create leades

Social media is a powerful way to get more exposure easily. Creating and sharing a high quality content can be viral in social media sites and can drive huge amount of traffic to the content which end up with a good sale. If you start building audience in various sites at the same time, probably you couldn’t get a good result. Go for only one at a time. If Facebook than try to create infigraphics, photos or simply create an event. Try Facebook ads or other pages to get more fans. When you makes enough fans in facebook go for Twitter then. Do the same works to get some followers there.

12. Automate your blogging passion

When your blog start making money, you can spent most of it to hire others to write posts for you. You can hire SEO experts and marketers to do the job for you. This way you can save huge amount of your time to spent them on another source of online income.


If you choose blogging than you needs to know that no one made millions right after one month of launching. Blogging is a field where one should have patience and passions to gain success. I believe any blogger can made passive income from their blog if they do everything in a right way.

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