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July 22, 2016

Every webmaster needs a tool to find out site errors all together. One tool is doing well with their free service. The tool is known as “SEOSiteCheckup“. This tool is super awesome and very easy to use.

SEO site CheckUp

Many SEO and Growth hackers around the world use this tool to see the status of their website. First you need to signup and then add the website you want to check the status of.

Once you submit your website, you see a report page like this in the free report generator

SEO site report

seo sitecheckup report 2

SEO sitecheckup 3.png

You can check all these factors about your website,

Optimization checkup


Broken links

Site speed

This tool suggests you the critical issues of your website to fix regarding SEO, speed, etc

Most probably many people use this tool to see their SEO issues. So I would recommend this tool to check and fix your SEO issues.

If you want to see the SEO issues of your website, click on SEO checkup tab and enter your website. Want you see next is a report generated for your website about the SEO issues. Go through all the factors and see the suggestions if any.

This tool shows your website’s SEO score and your aim here is to reach 100.


Look for the warnings and the cross mark facts and try to resolve them. In fact, the tool only suggests you on how to fix a particular issue.

The free option has some limitations but its better to start with for beginners. You can go for upgraded levels where you have some advantages and other options. Take a look at their pricing services


Hope this article has given you a fair understanding about this tool.

Go checkout yourself for free.

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