How To Rank Website Higher In Google

July 3, 2016
how to rank website higher in google

In 2016 Google has made some major algorithm changes in their ranking factors. As things going hard day by day, getting higher rank in Google is much tougher now. But it’s still possible to reach top if an webmaster can done his job in a smart way.

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Keywords staffing has no effect on ranking anymore and might be harmful, but once upon a time we were find a low competition keyword and staff it in our content and it was ranked higher easily. By time, every things and matters changing constantly. Once for a keyword, there was very high search volume and low competition but now this is completely changed by low volume with mass competition. You have to do some hardwork for ranking higher in SE.

First of all, keyword research is the most important part of SEO. You should do this in a smart way. Take your time before writing a ton of contents. Based on your content find a keyword with reasonable search volume and which have low amount of competitors to defeat. Some tips to make this happen.

  • Try to use reliable tools like Moz or Semrush.
  • Never choose one word or short keywords. suppose I wrote something on yoga and if I took “Yoga” as a keyword to rank my article it is simply stupid and not possible at all. Because there is another sites including Wikipedia which will never consider their place to me.
  • If you sale an ebook on “SEO”, you should find a relevant long tail keyword like “Search engine optimization tutorial” instead of just “SEO”.
  • Try relevant long tail keyword and must put it in title tag, meta description, h1 tag and in body content. Never repeat keywords where it isn’t necessary. As I already say that keywords staffing has no effect on SEO anymore and your site may get penalized by Google for doing this.

After choosing your desired keyword now it’s time to do some extraordinary works. Search your keyword in Google with “allintitle:” like this ‘allintitle:”Search engine optimization tutorial” ‘. Google will tell you how many pages it has with this keyword in title. If it shows too many results then just skip this keyword and take next phrase. After finding one with low amount Note all top 10 sites url’s from result page, they are your competitors, and it’s time to make some backlinks as they have already. Open and find out all of your competitors backlinks. download all backlinks in a csv file then open it with excel. Now may be you have thousands of links. But you don’t need every single one, mark only high authoritative links which have less then 50 external links in it. take nofollow links only if this is from a gov or edu site, or if this domain has really high authority, otherwise skip nofollow links. Now this is the real hard work to do. As you know your competitors are on the top for their link profile. Your job is to get backlinks from this same sites which have linked to your competitor.

Open one of this link from excel sheet, try to find where and how it have your competitors link.

  • If it’s a guest post then try to contact owner or author of this site and let him know that you are interested to write some valuable content for his blog.
  • If it’s a footer link in sponsor section, you might need to pay some money to get link from this site. Just scroll down for next link in your spread sheet, you don’t need a sponsor link.
  • If it’s a sweet backlink from comment, I think you already catch the way.

Sometimes you will get no way to contact site admin for request a link. Don’t waste your time on that kind of sites. Your target is to get backlinks where it’s possible enough, if you failed somewhere it doesn’t matter because you combined your all competitors backlinks.

Link anchor text is so important, Try to use various type of text instead of just putting “here” and also don’t put your exact keyword everywhere as anchor text. Many backlinks with same anchor text seems to be spam.

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