Beginners Guide – Google Adsense A to Z Tutorial

July 27, 2016

Want to know everything about Google Adsense? This guide will help you to learn every single things about Adsense. Though, getting approval by adsense still a tough thing, but I describe some crucial terms here which are actually need to be fixed when it comes to adsense.

adsense guide for beginners

Before going deep in the topic, here is the summary list :

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Why Google adsense is most wanted?

Since then and now Adsense is the best monetization option for any website or blog. There are many articles available over Internet which tell us that there are actual alternatives are available for adsense, but personally I don’t get any of them even closer to adsense monetization. As being an webmaster or site owner or blogger we can’t place too many ads in our website because too many ads are minimize user experience and cause losing popularity quickly. So we have to find a better ad network for monetize our site. Adsense is one and only ad network which is user friendly and will never harm your site popularity as they serve geo targeted and contextual ads based on users search history using coockie method. Adsense is easy to setup and has own support forum for publishers. This is the most legitimate ad network in the industry as adsense is owned by Google which is one of the leading company around the world. On other ad networks they are always having some issues with their payment process, although some of them are likely clean. Adsense has transparent and easy payment process.
Adsense is the leading ad network till now, which can help you monetize your website for maximum revenue.

How to apply for an adsense account

First of all you must own a site before sign up for an adsense account. You can easily made one by blogger, wordpress or any other hosting platform. You can make a free blog by using, but they don’t allow users to put adsense ad in their free blog. I recommend you to use a paid hosting or blogger platform. According to adsense policies, In blogger you have to wait 6 months before applying for adsense publisher account. On other hand, If you will use paid hosting with custom domain then there are big chance to get approval within just two months.
For signing up in adsense go to Adsense sign up page and sign up with your Gmail account.

adsense sign up page

Put only real and valid information about you. It would be nice if you create a new Gmail account before applying and don’t use this account on other sites. Thats way you will easily get every single updates from adsense.

Approval process of adsense account

After signing up you’ll get a code.
Something like this:

 <script type="text/javascript">  
<!-- google_ad_client = "pub-number";
/* 300x250, created 29/03/10 */
google_ad_slot = "----------";
google_ad_width = 300;
google_ad_height = 250;
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://pagead2.googlesyndication.

you have to put this in sidebar or in a publicly visible area in your site. This will show blank ad in this area for 2 to 4 days since approval process.

Adsense blank ad

Here many webmasters and bloggers are doing wrong and getting disapproved. Never put this test ad code in any page that have no content or only have few contents or either way adsense doesn’t allow publishers showing their ads in low quality pages of any website or blog. And if account get approved by adsense then this blank area will turn into live banner ads. So never disobey adsense ads even when its showing blank ads.

Things to keep in mind when applying for adsense

This is not essential to having a ton of contents for adsense approval. Rich unique and high quality 10-12 posts are much enough for getting approval. Never copy paste from other blogs, even a copy pasted paragraph can ruin your all hardwork. So try to write everything by your own effort. If you own a website then you should have at least 8-9 categorized content pages with enough text. I recommend at least 500 words to ensure the quality of your page.
Having below pages are essential for every sites and blogs. They are..
Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and if you provide some sort of service to your users then you must have Terms and Conditions page.
I am not so sure about this but I suggest you to avoid pages like contact us, about, privacy policy, disclaimer and TAC to put ad code or try to block this pages from showing ads. And also every other pages which doesn’t have enough text in it. Never put adsense ad in your sites login, sign up and 404 error page. Be patients till adsense review your site, and remember to remove all other live ads that presently serve on your site. Also remove all kind of pop ups, floating and any complex scripts that shows over your page contents. I think once one of my blog was disapproved only for sumo me widget. Funny but adsense has a strict policy about user experience. Page speed also means a lot. Makes your pages light weight and quick loading. you can simply boost up page loading by putting all complex and big javasript in footer. Check your site performance by SEOSiteCheckup, and try to fix everything. If you’re in WordPress platform then pick a adsense friendly theme. This way you can minimize the chances of getting disapproved for site issues. Site design and site navigation also needs to be clean and user friendly. First impression means a lot.

Integrating adsense in your website

There are many ways to integrate adsense in website, actually Depends on your platform. Siteground have some valuable articles about integration of adsense in various platform. Read this article here: Google Adsense Integration.

Tips to maximize your adsense income

The best way of maximize revenue is keep driving premium targeted traffic into contents. Organic traffic is the most effective way to get higher CPC. When you doing keyword research keep one eye on their CPC volume. Try to pick a keyword which have higher CPC rate.
Some webmasters don’t use text ads and they believe banner ads are working much better then text ads, yes that’s true but personally, I recommend both. Text links can increase CTR by almost 10%. Use ads between post and keep distance between two ads. 160×600 sized skyscrapers perform better than other banners.
Doing some research and find out which color of links get better CTR. Remember, never try to force people click on your ads otherwise adsense will ban your publisher account.

Adsense payment process

To receive adsense payment every publishers have to verify their mailing address. There are various types of payment process is available in adsense like:

  • PayPal
  • EFT payment/Bank wire transfer
  • Standard check delivery
  • Secure check delivery
  • Western union

You will get more information about adsense payment process by read this official article here Learn when you’ll get paid and how to track your payments. Also read Thomas Maier’s article AdSense Payment – all you want to know about it.

Adsense best practice to avoid banning

First and the most important thing is Adsense Policies. You should read them carefully and never do anything against their policy. Some most common policy violations are:

  • Invalid clicks
  • Placing ads in a page with Unsupported language
  • Placing ads in login page, low quality pages, 404 or error page.
  • Ad spaces quantity: Adsense allow maximum of three ads per content page.
  • Adding adsense ads in email newsletter is also violation of their policy.
  • Using other competitive ad network along with adsense.
  • Sites with copyrighted material will get an instant ban.
  • Linking to a site that have illegal or porn contents or any other content that is not comply with adsense policy, adsense will ban your site for linking to unauthorized contents.
  • Never drive traffic to your site by PTC sites or in a paid way.
  • Avoid making adsense ads sticky. Because this is against adsense policy.


Google Adsense is like holy grail for every bloggers, I added all the rules and routine for gain this grail and also how to keep it safe. Remember that the policies of adsense is changing frequently. So as per keep your site up-to-date with adsense policy, check for the changes regularly. And this is your responsibility. If you got this article helpful then share with your friends. I will update this guide whenever adsense changes any of their rules.

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