Top ways to make money online from home

June 22, 2016
top ways to make money online

Online is the biggest marketplace. There are various earning opportunities are available. I include here all the top ways to makes money online from home.

Because its about money, there is always some evil minded people who wants to scam others. Be careful about those scam sites who actually don’t pay you.

But still you can earn by your skill and your hard works. We have many legitmate sites and services which pay on time and present for a long time in industry.

I added only real and legit income sources here. Some of them are need slight amount of investment at start up.

I don’t promote any site in this article and even I don’t put any referral links.

Legit sites

This site pay users for completing tasks, surveys and offers. A 15 minute survey can brought you $2 to $15 depends on what kind of information they need. Easy money.

swagbucks heaven seekers

Another survey offering site with many other opportunities.


This site pays for testing websites and apps and giving reviews on them.


This is the place to sell almost anything. They called products as ‘Gigs’. I saw a men who have made over 54k bucks by selling just one gig. If you have any skill then go offer others who don’t.



Freelancing is one of the best way to earn. But here skill is needed, without any skills its hard to find any jobs and if you got one, job provider may not satisfied with your works and put a negative impression. Freelancing is ideal for web designer’s, graphics designer’s, programmers and optimizers. There are many freelancing sites available, I personally recommend two sites below.


Sell your own products

Selling your own products doesn’t mean your used or unused things. By this method anyone can start his own business. You need some investment here. Buy products from your local or somewhere it costs low for quality one. Bulk purchase recommended. Then ship them to below sites and they will take the roll of seller, you will get your money after sell. A fee will cut by selling site. Sign up below.

Also we are so lucky that we have Facebook! Try to find out local swap shop pages and groups. Then just take photos of your product and post them with price.There is nothing easier then this.


An well established blog can earn so much money. There are many ways to earn using blog. But it needs enough traffic before its start earning money.Blog don’t give you money in short time. You need to do hard work for establish a blog. Start today, if you don’t have much ideas how to start, Google can help you. Below I listed earning opportunities from a blog. But still it can’t help you if you don’t have much traffic.

Placing ads in blog is so profitable, there are many ad providers available but Google adsense at the top. Though its hard enough to getting approved by Google.
Affiliate programs
Its easy to sell products in blogs. Because maximum traffics are coming on a base topic, so relevant products catch their attention so easily.
If your blog have enough traffic and you have some worthy contents, then start a members area and take a small fee on sign ups.
Your blog drives so many traffic each months. Start giving services on your relevant field, Getting Clients will not a big issue as you already made a position in front of huge people.
Paid posts
Paid post means branding a post. either way it seems like ad, but with backlink an article worth much more for any company.


As a micro worker

There are some market researching company who have take projects from other companies and divided them into many microjobs and then call people to work on that. Crowdflower is an well known micro job provider. But an worker must gain companies trust by archive his level badge. Crowdflower mostly uses by users in Clixsense platform.


PTC stands for “Paid to Click”. However it’s an earning method but I personally against of PTC method. It takes a lot of time and give worse amount of cents only. But if you can get many referrals PTC sites will return you better. I don’t add any sites because ptc sites are mostly made by scamers. But Neobux is safe.


SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. Search engines like google is great place to getting free traffic, and many companies worldwide trying to rank there website higher position for maximum exposure. Most of them hire webmasters to handle this. And if you have enough knowledge then you can work for them and as I know the payments isn’t bad. SEO can be a respective and valuable profession.


Youtube channel

Do you have any unique video that worthy? Upload it on youtube and drop your keywords in title description and in tags section. If you can attract at least 500 people a day to open your video then you can earn by uploading videos in your channel regularly. There are youtube channel monetizer like Google adsense. Monetize your flooded channel.


Domain trading

This is so profitable way of earnings if you can catch the right thing at right time. Worldwide almost daily There are a new companie or organization starting their run. If they don’t avail their target domain they contacts domain owner and offer much more money to get target domain. As a domain trader your work will be find that domains which is available and you thought it would be worthy shortly. Purchase them as low as $1 in and you can get $14 to $20 for each. also you can put them for auction in godaddy. All depends on your ability to pick up right domains.

Domain trader

Selling Notes

Are you a student? Still you can earn by selling your notes research paper etc.
Sites like Notesale are free for you to list your notes but tend to take a cut of your profit in order to handle the marketing etc so that you don’t have to go out there and promote your notes yourself.

selling notes

Earn Money by Designing Themes

Daily tons of new websites and blogs are created by people. Almost everyone needed a nice theme for their website. If you familiar with coding then making some nice themes cloud be a great idea for earning.

theme design


As I say online is the biggest marketplace, anyone can sell anything here. And customers will willingly take a look at your products if you can put them in right place. First you need to grow your audience, start today, if you don’t your competitors will go far ahead to reach.

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