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September 5, 2018

September 05, 2018

Freebitco.in Multiply Trick To Get Over 3000bit/hr

Freebitco.in Multiply Trick To Get Over 3000bit/hr

Freebitco.in is the revolutionary faucet in the Bitcoin world. Their all games are provable fair and every week ten lucky users get huge bitcoins where first prize can be up to 4BTC. On other hand freebitco.in has an awesome option to multiply your earnings. Though there are a big chance to lose all of your earnings, but still you can made a decent amount of bitcoin using this multiplying option. Below I describe the whole process with screenshots for your best understanding.
[Visit freebitco.in]

Freebitco.in multiply trick begins

First of all, open multiply tab and then tap on Auto Bet.
freebitco.in multiply trick 1

Set stop profit to 0.00000040 and stop loss to 0.00000500 (I am using 0.00000200 in screenshot which can be makes you loss up to 0.00000400 multiple time quickly so keep stop loss as high as possible but not over 0.00001000). Always keep in mind that you may lose double amount of your stop loss setting, means if you set 0.00000100 as stop loss than you could loss up to 0.00000200 of your bits in a single loop of bets. But if you set stop profit low than you will lose your bitcoins often or rarely. Keep On Win- Return to base bet, this is important because if you change this to a higher number than it can be causes to lose quickly and repeatedly.
freebitco.in multiply tricks 2

Set On Lose to Increase by 100%. This will increase your base bet by 100% if you lost in a single bet. Then tap Start and wait till your profit hits the maximum amount that you set up previously.
freebitco.in multiply tricks 3

Top marked area indicates the condition of your single bets and the bottom one indicates the whole session. Keep watching bottom one and when its stop running you need to start again for another session.
freebitco.in multiply tricks 4

[Visit freebitco.in]

Get Free $25 with Payoneer
Payoneer is one of the leading online payment making system in the world. Are you earning freelance income? Then Payoneer could be the best option to getting your payments. They reward all new users with $25 bonus. You can use the button below to signing up. These way we both will got $25 each.
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By using this trick you could win 0.00000040 bits approximately in 1 min so your hourly earnings can be over 2400 bits. which is still a big hourly payout for any faucets. I suggest you to using this trick only when you have at least 0.00010000 in your balance. So you need not to worry about losing much because you can set your stop loss over 2000 to safeguard your winning.

Disclosure : Gambling can causes to lose all of your money. Be careful

August 29, 2018

August 29, 2018

Freebitco.in Tricks 2018 Money making script

Freebitco.in tricks 2017 money making script

This post was last modified on 14/09/2018
This is a script to making some easy money using Freebitco.in, This site is legit and they are paying since 2010 [Updated Review]. Today I am gonna share a tricks script with you.

Money stairs

Though I never prefer you to waste your valuable time on those stupid faucets, even freebitco.in has strings in their algorithm. But I thought I got a way to make some real cash using this site.
Get Free $25 bonus with Payoneer
Payoneer is one of the leading online payment making system in the world. Are you earning freelance income? Then Payoneer could be the best option to getting your payments. They reward all new users with $25 bonus. You can use the button below to signing up. These way we both will got $25 each.
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check this video:

You need to download a script.
Get it here:

Support This Developer
Use This Address:

  • Open link
  • Wait for 10 sec and press Skip
Download Link 1
Download Link 2

HOW TO use Freebitco.in Tricks

Go to freebitco.in and open Multiply Bitcoin tab.

For Google Chrome:

  1. Go to Menu > More Tools > Javascript console
  2. Copy the script
  3. Paste the script into the javascript console
  4. Press Enter key on the keyboard

For Firefox:

  1. Press F12 key on the keyboard
  2. Copy and paste the script into the console
  3. Then press ENTER key on the keyboard

BestChange.com monitors automatic electronic currency exchangers. The service permanently monitors the largest and most reliable exchangers for you to always know at what exchanger you can exchange one electronic currency for another at the best rate. The exchange rates and currency reserves are updated every 5 seconds for all exchangers in the list.

95% of your bettings gonna win!
Gambling has risk of losing money. Be careful.

Enjoy earning!!

March 12, 2018

March 12, 2018

What is Augur? And how are they different from Bitcoin?

A cryptocurrency is a form of virtual currency that uses cryptography for security, unlike the traditional centralized government finance system. Cryptocurrencies have created a buzz and gained wide acceptance in most economies with increased transactions being undertaken using the virtual currency.Enthusiasts believe it is the future of money while skeptics are convinced it is just a bubble.

What then is Augur?

Augur is a trading platform that combines prediction market with the power of “Wisdom of the Crowd” to create an amazingly accurate forecasting tool providing the opportunity to make trading profits. Spot-on predictions are rewarded and off-the-mark predictions are penalized.
In a prediction market, future end results of events are postulated upon and the less likely the matter occurs, the better the reward you earn in predicting its success. The peer-to-peer principle is premised on assembling views from predictors and using the information gatheredto form real-time prediction data that is more accurate than any other platform by professional experts.
In summary, Augur is an open source ledger system that predicts prices of digital currencies. The platform was built on Ethereum’sblockchain.

Origin ofAugur

The Lead Software Developers for Augur are Jack Peterson and Joey Krug in the year 2014. The Augur alpha version was released on 16thJune2015 on the Ethereumtestnet. The first beta version was released in March 2016 and the main official trading network release is set for March 2018.

Why Augur?

  • ·         Because of its decentralized nature, Augur has proven to provide better future predictions.
  • ·         It allows people to use its platform to create a democracy where what is held as truth is not the precinct of one body or person. Anyone, anywhere, anytime can be a participant in the outcome.
  • ·         Market cost is cut down to the economic minimum due to the elimination of middlemen.
  • ·         In effect, counterparty risks are also eliminated as trade is run on the Ethereumblockchain.
  • ·         It cannot be censored by any government as it is a decentralized platform.

How Augur works

There are two ways to look at it:
  1.    As a market creator
  2.    Trading shares from predictions

Market Creator

This is started by initially putting in capital to buy Ethereumor Bitcoin to create a market. The market in this context could be anything ranging from any number of issues. This would consequently set the wheel in motion as predictors get busy giving their weighed views.
Once the market has been created, the cost to buy and sell shares needs to be ascertained. This is commonly referred to as the taker fees and maker fees respectively.
The taker fees cannot go below 1.0% and cannot exceed 12.5%. On the other hand, the maker fees can be anything but not more than 50% of the taker fees.
Augur’s algorithm will roll out to work with the gathered information and provide the top predictions for that event. The proceeds gathered would be shared among the correct predictors.
The prudent thing to do to make your market attractive is to set your fees low enough to accommodate huge numbers yet not too low as not to cover your investment cost.

Trading shares from predictions

In this case, you do not need to do the actual betting. You instead buy or sell shares based on the outcome. The process is to create an order which has the following components:
  1.        Order placement
  2.        Price of the order
  3.        Amount of shares or Ethereum escrowed
  4.        The outcome being traded.

Reputable tokens (REP)

The REPs are what powers the Augur Decentralized Oracle System.  When the event is over and the market closes, the outcome of the event is reported at a fee. If your outcome is similar to most outcomes from other reporters in your market, you receive your REP back and also a portion of the reporting fee. The more REPs you stake when submitting a report, the more earnings from the reporting fees.

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is both a cryptocurrency coin and a distributed network that maintains ledger balances of Bitcoin, the coin. Bitcoins are not minted or printed like the known hard currencies but generated by computers through a process referred to as a mining. They are the most popular in the digital currency platform.
The Bitcoin system was proposed by one Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 with the idea of generating an electronic payment system based on mathematical proof with maximum verifiable and immutable security.

How does Augur differ from Bitcoin?

  • ·         For one, they are totally different cryptos. Whereas Augur is more of a token asset built over the Ethereumblockchain, Bitcoin is built on its own blockchain and is used widely in several sectors of the economy.
  • ·         The process of acquisition of Augur coin is through predictions whereas from mining bitcoin is an elaborate process.
  • ·         Augur coins rely on its users to determine the outcome through crowd-sourced opinions whereas Bitcoin is dependent on a few users who undertake the mathematical solving process using supercomputers.
  • ·         Miners are awarded Augur coins based on the amount put into a particular event and therefore, the bigger the amount put out for the bet, the higher the reward to be won by those who predicted correctly.
  • ·         With the Augur coin, fees are set by the users whereas Bitcoins are determined by mathematical proofs.
  • ·         With augur, you gamble on the value of your money with your money. Bitcoin engages a different platform with strong independent market presence.
  • ·         Downloading and installing the augur platform is completely free with no transaction fees required. With bitcoins, each transaction attracts a fee though minimal.
  • ·         Currently, Bitcoin is abetter investment than augur though augur is steadily gaining ground.

Augur coins can be stored in wallets that support ether for protection of the earnings made. Augur’s market cap jumped from $43 million in January 2017 to over $1.1 billion on 13 January 2018. Its price also rose by almost 2000% to hit an all-time high of $107 on Jan 13, 2018. However, the cryptocurrency plunged earlier in the year, making Augur currently trade at $47.24 with a market cap of $ 519 million. Augur (REP) is ranked 41st amongst listed cryptocurrenciesaccording to stats on the reputable CoinMarketCap. With such a record with only two years in operation, it is doubtless a force to reckon with in the prediction industry.

July 14, 2017

July 14, 2017

Guide to PPC Advertising for Beginners

Guide to PPC Advertising for Beginners

What is PPC?

PPC often referred to as Pay Per Click, Paid search, or Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Using PPC, advertisers can reach their target audience, at a given moment, and on the desired budget. It is one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing, and this guide will help you deeply understand this fantastic channel.

The one thing that distinguishes PPC from other digital marketing methods is that is an auction-based system, where advertisers bid on specific keywords their target users search online.

Businesses of all sizes can use paid search or display advertisements to find interested prospects. This guide will help you understand that process so that you can better serve your customers and avoid wasting advertising spend. However, if you are not planning to learn everything about PPC (It’s not something you learn overnight, trust me), it might be better to hire a Pay Per Click Marketing Firm

You will learn:
  • The definition of paid search advertising.
  • The difference between paid search results and organic search results.
  • The relationship between paid search advertising and display advertising.
  • The benefits of PPC to your digital marketing strategy.
  • The PPC Cycle.

    Auction-based System

    Paid search is an auction-based system, so whenever a search happens then an auction is in motion to decide where your ads will be displayed. It is called paid search because you do pay for the traffic but you only pay for the traffic that comes to your website.

    Targeting Capabilities

    You can utilize many targeting capabilities to ensure you are only putting your message in front of relevant users.
    • Geography: You can have your ad shown in a specific city, state, or even multiple countries.
    • Time of day/Days of the week: You can pick the time you want your ad displayed.
    • Mobile/Desktop computers: You can choose to have different ads on mobile devices.
    • Individual websites: You can even pick individual websites or ad slots where you want your ads displayed.

      Search Engines and Traffic

      Mostly, PPC involves buying traffic on search engines such as Google, Bing, Ask.com, Yahoo, AOL, etc. For many companies, PPC is the primary method of customer acquisition.

      When you make a search on Google or Bing, sometimes, you see ads or sponsored results at the top of the pages, these are the “search ads.” In addition, they are often at the very top of the search engine results page.

      Often advertisers use Yahoo, Google, and Bing since they are the largest search engines with 6 billion search queries every single day. Your goal is to take some of the search queries that are relevant to your business and bring traffic to your website so you can get customers.

      Display Networks

      Other ads show on display networks. Display networks are other sites that are partnered with Google or Bing to display advertisements. They are commonly news sites or social sites such as Facebook. These websites are places where you can show your ads that are not search but are more similar to banner type ads.

      They could be text ads, images, or even video ads and you can choose to have them displayed based on keywords, user interests, contextual targeting, and even remarketing. Remarketing entails someone doing a particular behavior on your website, and then you show ads back across display networks to them.

      For example, you might search for “vacation getaway packages,” but then you leave the site and visit another website looking for a computer, but because you did specific actions on the previous website, they might show you ads on that third-party website about getaway packages.

      When you look at the display network, you will find many non-search ways you can reach users. While search is a relevant-based industry, display networks come close when you combine all the options.

      By examining both search and display in the context paid search, you can be amazingly precise of when you want users to see your ad, where they are based, and what conditions are involved that make an ad displayed to any one user.

      Search ads and Business Types

      How do search ads work with various business types?

      E-commercecompanies: You often see the ads focused more on pricing and shipping that is what users in an e-commerce eco system are looking for when they are searching for products to buy online.

      Lead Generationcompanies: Often your focus, from your ads standpoint, is direct response advertising or getting an actual lead from each click. Therefore, you will often see the description line at the bottom part of an ad is focused on calls to action. “Call us for a free consultation,”or “fill out a form to get a quote for your business.”

      Local Businesses: In local businesses, your ads are focused on the fact that you are local, and that users can easily get to your business. You can even do things with search ads such as put your phone number directly into the ads so users can call you on a mobile phone. Start the conversion process without even leaving the search results page.

      You can choose and combine many different paid search forms to maximum results. Informational Queries are great to reach users early in their buyer journey. With paid search, you have many different ways to approach this medium of advertising, depending on your business type.

      PPC Goals

      You can use paid search in many different ways. One way is direct response, where your goal is to acquire customers directly from each ad click. That is a common form of advertising. Another way is using it for branding to increase your visibility and awareness for your company.

      Many studies have shown that when ads are commonly in the top results for keywords itincrease aided and unaided brand awareness for a company.

      The PPC Cycle

      It first starts by you:
      1. Choosing keywords.
      2. Writing ads for those words.
      3. Set bids, how much you are willing to payper click?
      4. Ad is displayed when someone does a search.
      5. User clicks on ad and goes to your site.
      6. You pay the search engine.
      7. Measure return.

      PPC Advantages

      One of the tangible benefits of paid search is the inventory resource. You can show up on Google’s search results, YouTube, Gmail, both Google and Bing Maps, and across more than 2 million websites.

      You can also choose where in the buyer funnel you want to reach users. You may want to reach the people who are aware of your company and increase interest level in your products. You might want to reach just the users who are in the consideration stage. Of course, if you are in direct response you might want to reach users who are in their buying stage.

      If your focus is on lifetime visitor value, you can use other techniques such as remarketing to increase lifetime visitor values. When you look at your business and when you look at your whole buying funnel you can use paid search to direct users based on where they are in that buying funnel and what your goals are for advertising.

      The Three “Rs” of PPC

      These three factors make PPC a level playing field across a variety of company sizes.

      1.      Reach: You might be a small business targeting a few zip codes. You might be an international business who is targeting multiple countries.
      -          Advertise on search results which have more than 6 billion daily search queries
      -          Advertise across display networks, more than 1 trillion impressions/month.
      -          Show ads across multiple devices.
      -          Choose the geography where to show your ads.
      2.       Relevance: People are already looking for you they are typing in keywords. Ads and your website offers are how they are relevant to users.
      -          Choose keywords that describe your business.
      -          Can choose exactly when to show an ad.
      -          Show ads only when someone is looking for your business.
      3.       ROI: Because it is measurable, you can make sure that you are getting good returns from your paid search.
      -          PPC is an auction based bid system.
      -          Pay only when someone comes to your site.
      -          Use analytics to determine what a visitor is worth so your bids are profitable.
      It does not matter if you are a small business, a mid-size business, an enterprise company or if you are involved in direct response or branding. Paid search has options, which can help you reach those goals and play with big companies or small companies regardless of your budget.

      Before you start, you should answer these questions…

      • What does your company or division do?
      • Do you have different product lines?
      • What are your product lines?
      • Do each of these product lines have different goals to them?
      • Who is your primary audience?
      • Who is your target market for your products and services?
      • Do you need to reach different audiences with different sets of ads or keywords?
      • What are you trying to sell or promote?
      • How do you want people to react to your ads?
      • Do you want them to buy something? Watch a video? Subscribe to your email list? Download a free eBook?
      • What results would you like to see? What would you consider a successful advertising campaign?

      By first understanding these basics of your business then as you look at all the paid search options that any PPC Marketing Agency can offer, you can see which one is most appropriate or how you might use them differently than others based upon your business metrics.

      Where to Start?

      Honestly answering the above questions should set you on the path to PPC success. Armed with the knowledge in this guide will help you move forward with your business.
      Now is the time to spread your wings, and make paid search work for you to get the results you want.

      April 22, 2017

      April 22, 2017

      Wordpress SEO Tips: Proper Way To Do On Page SEO Optimization

      We often searching for the latest on page SEO tips and came out with the traditional results which tell us to put the keyword in title, meta description blah blah blah! You should already know about those actions if you are in the business for a while now. Today I will tell you the most actionable WordPress SEO tips on "on page SEO optimization". Either way, "How to optimize your content with WordPress". This post is a simple checklist of jobs you should've done to have a healthy WordPress site with optimized content.

      You can also read this article "On-Page SEO: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page" of Brian Dean to get more information about On page SEO.

      WordPress SEO tips: Quick Checklist Of Optimization Terms

      Below are the quick checklist of jobs to be done to get your WordPress content optimized.

      • Yoast Plugin
      • Title optimization (It's better to have your keyword in the first part of your content's title)
      • Meta description
      • H1 tag (H1 tag will automatically be added to your post/page title, please have only one H1 tag per post/page)
      • H2 tag (You can have more than one but not over 10 H2 tags in a page. Because excessive H2 tags can cause harm to your site's SEO. Put your keyword in one of those H2 tags)
      • SEO friendly URL (Don't forget to use the keyword in URL)
      • Put the keyword in the first paragraph, better to have in first 100 words.
      • Optimize Images (Image size, name, compression, and alt text)
      • Internal linking (Put links to other related content)
      • Site speed (Speed of your site depends on many factors, you can improve it by using a plugin to compress the HTML, CSS, and JS files. Along with them you should always use one caching plugin like W3 Total Cache.)
      • Use Sitemap Plugin if you don't have the Yoast/Jetpack plugin installed
      • Avoid using the same title in multiple pages
      • Use CDN to boost the speed of your site
      • Use spam comment blocking plugins like Akismet
      • Disable or put nofollow attribute to all kind of archive pages
      • Fix broken links using an URL redirection plugin
      • Check SEO status of your content using online tools like SEOSiteCheckup
      Extra Optimization:
      • Use Google Analytics (Sometimes it helps to understand the potentiality of your content, Once I drove few test traffic from social sites to my content, and magically my article was jumped from number 17th position to 9th position in 2 days. May be Google monitor the traffic itself when we use their services like Google Analytics.)
      • Avoid using a ton of menu items in main navigation


      I will update this checklist on a regular basis to uncover every latest aspect of WordPress on page SEO optimization. Please put a quick comment below to get your question answered.

      January 10, 2017

      January 10, 2017

      PayPal vs Payoneer : Complete Comparison Between Two Giants

      PayPal vs Payoneer : Complete Comparison Between Two Giants by PlugInBloggers

      We are in 2017 and have already minimize the complexity of getting products and services by using the power of internet. Today we have online marketplaces like Amazon.com, it's needless to say that now we can get anything with some effortless clicks from anywhere.

      On this occasion, we need to pay or get paid by people or companies world wide. To make online payments there are many online payment processors are available, but PayPal is the first one which arrives into mind whenever we talk about online payment processor. You may already know about paypal and these is not surprising if you already has a PayPal account. Today i will show you some key facts, why you should use Payoneer along with PayPal to make things easy. Also, here I will reveal pros and cons about these payment processors.

      If you doesn't have one or both account mentioned above..
      Go and sign up right away..

      Payoneer logo

      PayPal logo

      Things to know before diving into main comparison

      Since I have entered into digital world I am using PayPal to get paid from my clients. Although, it's not available here in Bangladesh, one of my relative who were in USA, I requested him to open and verify a PayPal account for me. Payoneer is well supported here but was close their service in India for a while and now Payoneer is also available in India with some restrictions and limitations.

      PayPal was founded on 1998 by some innovators and quickly grown with their flawless service. Payoneer is not that much old as PayPal, Payoneer started their service on 2005. Payoneer has a mission " To empower global commerce with their innovative cross-border payments platform " which is mentioned in their websites about page. I think they have gain 75% success already with 210+ supported countries and 150+ currencies and having 2000+ partners while PayPal supports in 202 countries and 25 currencies.

      PayPal vs Payoneer : Here is the complete comparison between these payment processors

      As you already knows that PayPal and Payoneer both are well established and trusted company. The main moto of writing these comparison between them is to aware you about the features they have and to reveal the flexibility level.

      Sign up process

      PayPal :

      Signing up in PayPal is quite an easy task. After singing up you have to verify your identity first. You just need to put your credit card details in order to get verified. PayPal will deposit or charge a small amount from your card and you just need to put these exact numerical amount.

      Payoneer :

      Signing up and get verified by Payoneer is much easier than PayPal. You just need to put your government issued national id card number or your passport number to get Payoneer debit card at your door. It typically takes 7-14 days to arrive depends on your geographic location. I got mine in 11th day after signing up. After receive your card you need to activate it by putting card number in your Payoneer dashboard. And you are all set to get paid.

      Transaction Fees

      PayPal :

      There are no annual fee in PayPal.
      In USA receiving and sending money is totally free unless you use debit or credit cards. There are a flat fee of 2.90% + $0.30 cents to process transactions through cards for US citizens inside USA. If any currency conversion occurred during transaction process, there will be an additional conversion fee charged. In personal account transfer between paypal to paypal, you can pass these fee to receiver and he can refuse the whole payment if he doesn't want to pay the fee.

      You might be charge between 3.90% to 7.40% fee depends on many factors for the transactions outside USA. You can get more information about transaction fee here.

      Payoneer :

      There are two types of accounts are available in Payoneer. First one is only having an e-wallet without any physical or virtual debit card which has no annual fee, and the rest one is having a physical Payoneer debit card to use globally which charge you $29.95 yearly fee. Though it is free to sign up and get plastic debit card in Payoneer, they'll charge these annual fee from the first payment that you receive or loaded up.

      You can get a complete pricing and charges list inside your Payoneer dashboard. Here are some common fees that you should always keep in mind. $3.15 will be charged every time you withdraw money from ATM. $12.95 will be charged when you request a replacement of your debit card if its get stolen or missing. $1 will be charged every time when you check your debit card balance in ATM or if an ATM decline a transaction then $1 will be charged. Get full information about transaction fee here.

      Compared to PayPal, Payoneer is much profitable when its about a big transaction. Because it charges a fixed amount of fee on withdrawal unless your transacted currencies aren't same.

      Online Usage

      PayPal :

      You may already noticed, there are a lot of websites has PayPal as their payment processor and you just need to sign in to your dashboard to makes a payment. The best thing about PayPal is, you don't have to have balance in your PayPal account because it will automatically charge and give payment from your linked bank account or from your linked credit card. Online purchase is always free unless your transaction has different currencies.

      Payoneer :

      When you will signed up in Payoneer, they'll issue and shipped a plastic debit card to your address. These is needless to say what you can do with a Mastercard. Online purchase is cost free in Payoneer also unless there are a conversion needed. In some places you couldn't find PayPal but you'll never get stopped with a Mastercard in hand.

      Payoneer also provide 3 different bank account details to every users to get global payments from clients who wants to pay you via bank transfer. These option is actually helpful for every affiliate marketers.

      Withdrawal money into local bank

      PayPal :

      Withdrawing money via PayPal is a quite lengthy process. PayPal hold the money up to 72 hours before releasing it toward bank. Overall it can takes 4-6 days to arrive money in your local bank.

      Payoneer :

      You can easily request an withdrawal after adding your local bank details. Payoneer withdrawal takes 2-5 days to arrive in your local bank. My own experience with Payoneer says it doesn't takes more then 3 days.

      Affiliate & Referral Program

      PayPal :

      These is sad that PayPal doesn't have an affiliate or referral program for their customers.

      Payoneer :

      Payoneer has a great affiliate program for their users. Payoneer paid $25 bonus both when your referred person will load or get $1000 payment in their account. If you are interested in affiliate marketing, I suggest you to use Payoneer refer a friend program instead of applying for their affiliate program again. Both are similar and commission/bonus are same.

      If you doesn't have one or both account mentioned above..
      Go and sign up right away..

      Payoneer logo

      PayPal logo


      PayPal & Payoneer both are trusted and well established company. Also, their customer support section has minimum issues. But, in some points we've got Payoneer more flexible and cheaper than PayPal.

      When it comes to withdraw a big amount of money, Payoneer would save up to 70% fee. So, i personally recommend to use Payoneer more frequently than PayPal. In online affiliate marketing and freelancing, Payoneer can be your one stop solution because almost all major affiliate program providers and online job marketplaces has Payoneer as their pay out option.

      Share your own experience with these two payment processors or ask any question that arrives into your mind by putting a quick comment below.