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March 9, 2017

International Mastercard Debit Card Registration - Payoneer

Payoneer is one of the leading online payment gateway now a days. They provide physical mastercard debit card to all of their users for free. As a payoneer card  holder, you can shop with your card or can withdraw money from any mastercard supported ATM booth anywhere in the world. If you are searching for a virtual mastercard debit card registration or a physical debit card to get your international payments then Payoneer can be the best choice for you.

International Mastercard Debit Card Registration - Payoneer

Here I will tell you everything about the process of getting your own Mastercard Debit Card at your door within next two weeks. And yes! all of these for absolutely free with no hidden cost.

In bonus, you'll get an extra $25 bonus in your card after signing up when your balance reached $100, which should be done by clicking this link and getting payment only from your clients. This means, you will not eligible for $25 bonus if you load your card yourself or if you get these money from any individuals. You should get payment from a company likes 'Upwork' or 'Amazon'. Although, it doesn't matter if your client don't have an online preference, If they sent your payment from their company bank account then you'll be able to get your bonus as well.

Let's dive into the sign up process of Payoneer

Unlike other payment gateways, the sign up process of payoneer is really easy and can be done in between 5 minutes. I have added some screen shots of sign up wizard below to make a clear view on which kind of information is needed to singing up in payoneer.
How it works

payoneer signup infographic

Why Payoneer can be the best international mastercard debit card

After successful registration Payoneer will issue a mastercard debit card under your name and shipped it toward you as well. You supposed to receive your card in between 14 days after signing up. You should activate your card by log in into your dashboard at payoneer. Simply put your card number and your desired PIN number(These will be needed whenever you withdraw money from a teller/ATM) to activate it.

Receive payment from companies you work with

Payoneer is a quickly growing payment gateway and supports almost all popular online job marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour etc. it supports affiliate marketplaces like amazon, cpalead, envato etc. also ad networks like infolinks.

I have added some of these sites in my payoneer account to receive payments from them. You can see in the screen shot below.

Payoneer funding source

Get real bank accounts in USA, UK, China and Japan

Up on registration payoneer will create different bank accounts in different places by your name. You can use this accounts to transfer or receive funds from global clients who wants to pay you by bank deposit. Remember your clients should sent you payments from their company bank account, payments from individuals will be rejected. When someone deposit funds in one of these bank, the amount will be available in your payoneer balance and you can then transfer or withdraw right from your dashboard.

Payoneer supports three different currencies which are USD, EUR and GBP. One US Bank account will be created for USD balance same as one for EUR in Germany (It may very sometimes) and one for GBP in UK. To eligible to get China and Japans bank account you need to verify your identity by uploading scanned copy of your ID card. Amount received in USD balance will be automatically loaded into your debit card.

Here is a screen shot of Global payment service page inside payoneer dashboard.

Global payment service

Flexible Withdrawal System

Payoneer allows you to withdraw fund to your local bank account as well as you can withdraw directly using your mastercard debit card from any mastercard supported ATM booth anywhere in the world. 


See account activities whenever you want

Below image represents how you can get to know about all of your transactions by simply visiting the view transactions page.

View transactions

$25 for each referral

Payoneer has an awesome referral system where you and your referral both will be rewarded with $25 when someone sign up through your referral link and when they receive at least $100 in total as payment. These can be single payment of $100+ or any number of different amount that reach $100 when sum up together. It's an win win chance, isn't it? You can use my referral link to sign up, we both will be rewarded with $25 when you receive $100 in total as payment.

You can see, I already got 19 sign ups which was effortless, I don't even try to promote my link ever. All of these sign ups are occurred from a single post in these blog. So, you can easily get referrals for payoneer.

Payoneer refer a friend page

If you already have an account with Payoneer then please share your experience with us by putting a quick comment below. Or if you are a new user to payoneer then feel free to ask any kind of questions. I will try my level best to solve all of your queries.


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